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Local Native Desktop Demo on Mac - Core Functions for Note

  • Install Local Native browser extension to Chromium.

    • Desktop application is needed to finish setup.
    • Run Local Native desktop application to finish setup (web extension host).
    • Local Native browser extension works for Chromium: Add some notes.
  • Local Native desktop application: search, pagination and delete.

  • Firefox with Local Native browser extension.

  • Brave with Local Native browser extension.

  • Sync via attach file

    • Copy localnative.sqlite3 from iOS device via File Sharing to ~/Document/localnative.sqlite3.
    • Click sync via attach file button and choose the above file.
    • Notice sync-via-attah-done in response, now the database from mobile device is synced with desktop's ~/LocalNative/localnative.sqlite3.
    • Clear the search, note increased count in response, new items from mobile device database show in search result.
    • Copy ~/Document/localnative.sqlite3 back to iOS device via File Sharing and replace iOS device's localnative.sqlite. (sync is both ways so mobile device also gets what is on desktop device).

Local Native iOS Demo - Add a Note

  • Local Native share extension

    • Open Safari and go to a web site.
    • Open Local Native share extension and enter desired tags and description (you can actually also change title and url).
    • Save button will launch Local Native search UI and newly added note will show up.
  • Local Native search

    • Click url link in any item from search result list will launch browser to that url's web page.
    • Touch upper left can go back to Local Native search UI from browser.
  • File Sharing and DB Browser for SQLite

    • Copy localnative.sqlite3 from mobile device to desktop.
    • Open DB Browser for SQLite to browse your notes (and then run SQL!).