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The year 2021 has come and gone, and Local Native project has made solid progress in the past year:

  • The biggest achievement is the release of our cross-platform desktop based on the iced framework.

  • We also updated the localnative_core dependency.

  • We have also released an iced GUI tutorial based on this codebase.

  • We learned early PR commits were not well conformed, which caused some difficulties in organizing them when writing the summary.

For more details on the changes, please see below:

New Features

  • # Released a cross-platform desktop version based on iced, supporting Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms
  • # Added cargo xtask ndkbd to simplify compiling localnative_core to Android platform


  • # Fixed app crash issue on Android 11 and newer.
  • # Fixed the bug that prevents sharing note from browser for the Android platform.
  • # Fixed the problem that on android platform SQLite database can't be accessed correctly due to the creation of temporary files.

Internal enhancement

  • # Update localnative_core dependency version
  • # Added xtask project to provide cross-platform scripting
  • # Better error handling, refactoring of localnative_core