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Local Native v0.3.8 发布

· 2 min read


What is new?

  • This Local Native release marks as a personal milestone to satisfy my day-to-day use case for web bookmarking and note-taking with title, URL, tags, and description.
  • Search, create, read, delete and pagination are implemented for desktop (gnu/linux, mac), browser extension (firefox, chrome/brave) and mobile (ios, android).
  • On desktop, time-series charts are shown to allow filtering on time range, and tag cloud is visualized.

About sync with other devices

Maybe the biggest drawback of not using a centralized service is losing the "convenience" of everything synced on every device.

  • Currently, the Local Native desktop implemented wired sync based on files via exchange and appending items from one to another and vice versa.
  • Also, the Local Native desktop implemented ssb sync by setting up target keys.
  • Wireless via bluetooth seems achievable (on android).
  • safe network?

Known quirks could be improved

There is definitely plenty of room for improvements, some known ones among many others:

  • No windows desktop build because of an upstream issue.
  • On iOS, the layout of the tags is not optimal as it does not scroll, and each tag is the same width regardless of character length.
  • Crash when adding note on Nexus 5X. (on Pixel 2 and Nexus 6 is fine)
  • Mac app store build has a sandbox issue, so it is not quite usable. (DMG works)
  • ...

However, given this release now satisfied my day-to-day bookmarking needs, my limited spear time will be mostly on trying more aspirational things.


This serves as proof that one has a choice to not use a centralized service to manage web bookmarking and note-taking.