Quick Start

Install and run the desktop application to create below directory and files.

Only install browser extension alone without the web extension host binary below will not work.

Directory structure


LocalNative # folder at user home directory
├── bin
│   ├── localnative-nodejs-X.Y.Z # nodejs cli for ssb sync feature
│   └── localnative-web-ext-host-X.Y.Z{-mac,-gnu-linux,.exe} # web extension host (rust binary)
└── localnative.sqlite3 # user's database

ssb pubkey setup

Add the pubkey (other peers you want to sync with) as author in ssb table, set other fields as 0.

You can use DB Browser for SQLite to explore the database.


Windows currently does not have a standalone desktop app due to an upstream issue.

There is a Mac App Store version of Local Native but due to sandbox nature, it is NOT usable because node.js fs.mkdirSync call got permission denied to create the above directories (and most likely permission issue for those browser extension manifest file as well). I am curious if there is a way to do so.