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Local Native 2021 SoC


  • Cupnfish
    • package release artifacts for different platforms using cargo
    • more progress on tutorial
    • to prepare release candidates, blog, WeChat posts
  • yi
    • database file location in sandbox for platform store release
    • to create larger test dataset for time series visualization and sync


  • Cupnfish
    • demo time series visualization
    • implementing theme style
    • intend to improve tutorials
  • yi
    • go over Android and iOS development environment setup
    • Android crash due to file system path issue
    • release build script


  • Cupnfish
    • more progress on time series visualization
    • some refactor
    • no performance issues on macOS
  • yi
    • backup existing content from educative into repo
    • replace some Live App widgets with Markdown code blocks
  • Hill
    • tutorial review
    • fix typos and formatting issues


  • Cupnfish
    • 2nd view for timeseries visualization
  • yi started tutorial translation
  • Hill to review and improve current tutorial content


  • Cupnfish
    • progress and code review on timeseries visualization using Canvas


  • Cupnfish
    • made more progress on tutorial
    • decide to use iced_aw library
  • yi
    • released v0.5.0 for mobile and Electron
    • show educative UI
      • markdown, terminal and Live App
      • docker environment for interactive content


  • Cupnfish made progress on tutorial
    • start new code with tutorial content
    • plan to replace the old code directory with new code


  • Canon to translate tutorial content on educative


  • Cupnfish

    • progress on alert popup, may need another dependency
    • draft of tutorial beginning sections
    • review CI/CD
  • yi

    • maintain the balance of short term and long term documentation


  • Cupnfish
    • may use simplified implementation for time range ui
    • write Chinese version of tutorial under docs


  • Cupnfish

    • demo sync works between wsl and windows
    • cargo xtask release
      • wrapping shell scripts for different platforms
    • alert popup may or may not need another dependency
  • yi

    • prefer to use the same version number for all release targets


  • Cupnfish
    • start on time range ui
    • tutorial structure


  • Cupnfish

    • Resolve "crash on sync via attach file on Mac 11.3.1 big sur"

    • fix: remove icons frome package of release

    • feat: opengl features support

    • feat: drag files to a window to sync via files

    • fix: fix add icons and locales to package

    • memory performance tuning: svg to font

    • demo sync with windows sandbox

    • time range filter feature

      • may implement a ui control for timeseries chart in iced
    • i18n progress

    • sqlite3 conn wrap to implement Sync

      • may related to tags sorting on another thread works


  • Cupnfish

    • create translation placeholder items in localnative-app-docusaurus-2 in Gitlab Issues for Canan
    • popup alert with cancel/ok button when clicked on delete
    • bump version to 0.5.0 and add localnative_iced in set-version script
  • Hill

    • release script for iced app on windows
    • release script for iced app on mac
  • Conan

    • Change by separating multiple jobs
    • Make merge_request trigger pipeline work


  • Cupnfish

    • Add log section to GUI displaying op information
    • fix open server and close server
    • iced specific sync functions
    • i18n WIP
  • yi

    • suggest moving pagination UI component up
  • Conan

    • Start ci/cd pipeline for localnative-rs


  • Cupnfish

    • record video for sync on Windows using Sandbox
  • Hill

    • prepare PR for release script to package iced and web ext targets together
  • Conan

    • Change by separating multiple jobs
    • Make merge_request trigger pipeline work


  • Cupnfish

    • decide to simplify release as compressed file
      • keep bundle code for tutorial
    • sync code change
      • tarpc upgrade
      • drop conn
    • log level adjustment
    • intend to do i18n and date filter
  • yi

    • merged the large PR
    • show localnative_core crate-type for android and ios caveat
    • crash when sync on ios and android


  • Cupnfish

    • 计划 Blog
  • Hill

    • release script to package iced and web ext targets together


  • Cupnfish demo

    • Refactoring on config file
    • Working with localnative_bundle and try to create Registry in windows for browser extension
  • Yi Wang

    • wix templates
    • os config branches in build functions
    • windows sandbox
  • Conan

    • Research on rust project and try to make it run
  • Hill Chen

    • Test on windows and run with localnative_iced
    • Finding missing ddl dependency issues on windows


  • Cupnfish
    • Finish localnative_bundle build for windows
    • Make mac, linux bundle work
    • Add windows ddl dependency in documentation
  • Conan
    • Try to work on CI/CD
  • Hill Chen
    • Research and work on rust project


  • Cupnfish demo

    • building windows installation file localnative.msi
    • review on pr changes
  • Yi Wang

    • reviewing with Cupnfish every file changes and make suggestion
    • approve changes


  • Cupnfish
    • finish ui and rest of work for localnative_core
    • Merge pr after conan and yi wang review
  • Conan
    • Try to build rust project
    • Try to work on CI/CD


  • Cupnfish demo
    • breaking down components to smaller modules
    • updates in localnative_core
    • stable rust should work
    • note on compiler flag for build
  • discussion about user installation experience
    • should be straight forward with minimum friction
  • hill suggested tool for network


  • Cupnfish
    • create 2021-soc branch
    • commit localnative_core updates
    • current progress as another commit
  • yi to explore Gitee


  • yi demo
    • GitLab Issues
      • iteration
      • how-to tag
    • educative new section for Rust GUI
    • website code repo
      • npm run start


  • Cupnfish break down larger code merge into smaller logical merges
  • hill to raise issues with how-to tag


  • Cupnfish demo current state of PoC
    • UI
      • wrapping UI component for tags
    • compare druid and iced
      • druid
        • menu integration
        • seems more complex
          • lens concept
        • with i18n support?
      • iced
        • seems easier concepts for learning
        • performance seems good with existing app
        • seems i18n need some more work
  • yi demo current installation process using Electron
    • packing and installation of web ext host binary
    • modify manifest json file for browser


  • Cupnfish explore installation options
  • Conan explore GitLab issues