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· One min read


It has been another few months since last Local Native v0.4.1 release, which was not able to include iOS version due to crashing in TestFlight. Now iOS v0.4.1 is finally released!

the bug?

I still could not identify how the crash occurs by staring at the crash log.

the fix.

It turns out the fix is to rewrite iOS code in SwiftUI.

Fortunately thanks to existing solutions for data flow, search bar, QR code, hiding keyboard, the rewrite is very pleasant and code becomes more concise by removing storyboard and view controllers.

One thing maybe a drawback from previous iOS version is that the bookmark note text is not selectable.

· 2 min read


It has been a few months since last Local Native v0.4.0 release, which introduced (wireless) syncing via tarpc, database schema change and more. That is decent amount of internal data structure change and observable new features. Everything was well and I was not worrying about rushing out more features very soon, until ..

the bug.

In contrast, this v0.4.1 release is only motivated by fixing the one observed bug:

the touch input keyboard for the share extension's text fields (tag and description fields etc..) does not show up in iOS, after upgrading to newer version (iOS 13.2.2 as of writing). This prevents user to input tag or description, or change title or url for the note.

Saving note still works, but what's the fun if I can not add tags to a note?

Technically This is a new feature only in newer version of iOS. How hard could be

the fix?

· One min read

As hinted in the previous post, this v0.4.0 release is a MVP to show sync between different devices using slightly patched tarpc . Currently sync works between desktop and desktop, desktop and mobile when they are on the same LAN/WiFi.

The schema of note table is updated to have an extra uuid column to uniquely identify and dedup records for sync. At the end of sync operation, both devices will end up with same set of uuid by appending the diff from the other device.

Mobile device can scan a QR code encoding the server address and port to connect to the server to start sync.

iOS sync screenshot:

· 2 min read


What is new?

  • This Local Native release marks as a personal milestone to satisfy my day-to-day use case for web bookmarking and note-taking with title, URL, tags, and description.
  • Search, create, read, delete and pagination are implemented for desktop (gnu/linux, mac), browser extension (firefox, chrome/brave) and mobile (ios, android).
  • On desktop, time-series charts are shown to allow filtering on time range, and tag cloud is visualized.